Thoughts and Readings, Part 1 (Kat’s Dreams)

Many thanks to RM Media for providing this video opportunity to “think out loud” about reading and writing as spiritual practices and about my new book, Kat’s Dreams.

Video Transcript:

Smith: For me, writing is a way of paying attention, which is a form of reverence. I try to tell stories that pay attention to and honor the many layers of meaning in our lives. In fact, I think of reading, and writing, and storytelling as spiritual practices because I think they can help us listen: listen to the world, to the divine, and to our own insides. They can help us listen to the voices that probably aren’t screaming at us but are calling to us, all the same.

Reading from Kat’s DreamsI set my mug of tea on the kitchen table. After the nightmares, comfort could downright take a while, and I’d gotten used to that. Long after my heartrate slowed and my mind knew that the corners of the room held nothing sinister, I still felt on-edge. I felt as if I needed to check the corners of my mind for whatever dreams or memories might still be lurking there. 

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Author: Callie J. Smith

Callie J. Smith is novelist and spirituality writer. She's ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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