Interviewed in this documentary on artists of the inaugural Religion, Spirituality and the Arts Seminar at Butler University.

From Callie . . .

For me, writing is a way of paying attention. In both my fiction and my essays, I try to tell stories that pay attention to and honor the many layers of meaning in our lives. 

In fact, I think of reading and writing as spiritual practices. They can help us listen to the world, to the divine, and to our own insides. They help us listen to voices that are calling to us.

As a clergy person, I’ve gotten into the habit of listening and paying attention to the spiritual aspects of how we move through the world. I’m also someone who loves mountain biking, and that hobby gets me outside and gives me practice in really being present to the path unfolding before me. 

I hope my writing offers you a little space for listening and attending to whatever’s unfolding on your own path right now. Please do subscribe to my blog and drop me a line. I’ll be curious to hear what you think.

Asking listeners “What if you were Amos?” in a sermon at the Christian Theological Seminary chapel.

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