About this site

Moments can glow. Maybe we’re walking a hallway that we’ve walked a thousand times before, and this time, an old memory hits us in a new way. Maybe we’re plowing through our to-do list, and someone says something in passing that stops us in our tracks. These moments can stay with us, or return to us, with something luminous. When we give ourselves space to dwell with those moments for a while, they can open up with meanings we’d never have expected. That dwelling, that listening, is what I try to do as a writer.

For me, writing is a way of paying attention, which is a form of love. It’s a form of reverence. When we take the time to pay attention to small things in our lives, they get bigger, more precious, more meaningful. I love catching glimpses of a richness in my days that I hadn’t even noticed before.

That’s why I think of reading and writing as spiritual practices. They can let us listen – to the world, to the divine, to our own insides. They let us listen to quiet voices that aren’t going to yell at us but are calling to us all the same. So, when I write about hallways, to-do lists, bicycles, pets, packing and moving, memories, and grief, I’m trying to give you space for listening to your own days and experiences, as well. 

I’m a clergyperson. That’s gotten me into the habit of thinking and writing about the spiritual aspects of how we live and breathe and move through this world. I’m also an emerging mountain biker, and I love how that hobby has been getting me outside, away from my computer and my devices, training me to really be present to my environment and to the path that’s unfolding before me. 

So, I hope you’ll enjoy reading the essays in everyday spirituality at calliejsmith.net. I also hope that my words can give you a pause for being present to what’s unfolding on your own path right now, whatever that might be. 

– Callie

Callie J. Smith (she/her/hers) – Smith is a writer and clergy person based in the Indianapolis area. She’s ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and serves as a special projects consultant for church-related organizations and other non-profits.