The Sacred Grounds Series

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Kat’s Dreams: A Sacred Grounds Novel Book 1

Clay Patin Press (2022)
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“Barista, mountain biker, seminary dropout – Kat Kent has done it all. Except for move on. Even as she enjoys getting to know Paul Miles, the handsome new customer at the coffee shop where she works, her dreams take her back to a different time and place. When the man she hoped never to see again returns to town, Kat must decide whether she’ll keep their secret. She must also decide how much to tell her new friend Paul. He might be able to help her, but only if she’s willing to trust him. Revisiting love, loss, friendship, and betrayal, Kat makes her way through the season of Lent hoping she’ll find the strength to do what she needs to do before anyone else gets hurt. But will she figure out what to do before it’s too late?”

This short novel undertakes one woman’s long #MeToo journey with deep faith and hope. Discussion questions are included at the end for individual readers as well as study groups.

Suddenly Color:
A Sacred Grounds Novel Book 2

Forthcoming from Clay Patin Press (2023)

Other Books

The Practice of Sabbatical as Renewal

Chapter co-authored with Robert Saler in
Sacred Habits: The Rise of the Creative Clergy
The Davies Group, Publishers (2016)
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“Like prayer, like community, like Sabbath and sabbatical, some practices spread through a person’s soul or a community’s life and, in one way or another, bless us profoundly for the long-haul.”

– Callie Smith