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“When you love the small and unpretentiously serve it,” writes Rainer Maria Rilke in Letters to a Young Poet, “then everything will become more coherent and clearer to you.”


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Claiming a Fast in Pandemic Time: On How We Carry What We Miss

“Before the pandemic, the scent of warm, yeasty bread would have filled the chapel. Someone from our school’s café would have walked down in the hour or so before the service to leave a fresh-baked loaf wrapped in a white towel on the table. We’d have smelled it through all the prayers, music, and spokenContinue reading “Claiming a Fast in Pandemic Time: On How We Carry What We Miss”

On the Changing of Seasons

Lately, I’ve been fighting it. Pandemic life has meant so much change already. I’m feeing less and less desire to adapt. I’m feeling strongly protective of things I wouldn’t have expected to hold onto so tightly. As summer passes and days shorten, I find myself feeling inordinate amounts of grief about small things like theContinue reading “On the Changing of Seasons”


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Small things can grow large and go deep when we pay enough attention to love them. Writing about everyday things like spirituality, grief, rest, and play gives me a chance to explore some of that depth. Maybe you’re exploring, too. If so, welcome. I hope you enjoy this collection of essays.
– Callie

Callie J. Smith is a writer and clergy person in the Indianapolis area. She’s ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and serves at Christian Theological Seminary.