On Fields

“How much dirt does it take to make a field? 

The container garden on my balcony held several pots of dirt. When the pandemic came and constricted our lives in so many ways, that small apartment became the scope of my days. This was extended only a little by bike rides on a nearby trail, grocery trips, and whatever social connections my unstable internet allowed. Compared to the global scale of a pandemic, my bit of earth felt small. 

I focused on little things, like tending my balcony garden. I needed something I had the power to care for . . .”

Click here to read more of my essay in the “Field: Essays by Readers” section (essay #2) of the December 7, 2022 issue of The Christian Century.

Author: Callie J. Smith

Callie J. Smith is novelist and spirituality writer based in the Indianapolis area. She's ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and also serves as a special projects consultant for church-related organizations and other non-profits.

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