Thoughts and Readings, Part 2 (Kat’s Dreams)

Thanks, again, to RM Media for this video opportunity (part 2 of 3) to talk about paying attention and about my new book, Kat’s Dreams.

Video Transcript:

Smith: As a clergy person, I’ve gotten into the habit of paying attention to the spiritual aspects of how we live and breathe and move through this world. I’m also a mountain biker, and that hobby gets me outside and away from my computer. It’s one way I practice really being present to the world around me and the path unfolding before me. I definitely gave that appreciation of bike time to the main character in the series of novels that I’ve been working on.

Reading from Kat’s DreamsAnd that had been that. But now? I felt very different. I felt less outgoing and trusting, less ready to dare and try new things. I stayed more to myself, felt more hesitant to dream, and needed more time to process what was happening inside of me. Getting outside and riding my bike came to feel like my lifeline to the world, the one place where I could let myself get excited, go fast, and dare new things regardless of whether or not I fell. There, I could always get up and go on. In the rest of my life, I wasn’t getting up and going on so quickly.

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Author: Callie J. Smith

Callie J. Smith is novelist and spirituality writer. She's ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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